Saturday, September 3, 2011


GOD HAD PLANNED A SPECIAL PARTY WITH HIS CHILDREN FOR 4 HUNDRED YEARS. The mountain was trembling. Go came down on bolts of lightening. It was to be a day of vows for God and His children. He was offering them a relationship as He had with Adam in the garden. Moses went down the mountain and delivered the message. The children said no we are afraid. You go talk to God for us and then tell us what He says. That day the children of God chose religion instead of relationship. God was grieved when Moses gave Him their answer....He told Moses ok build me a box. That box was the ark. God was placed in a box and welt in the Holy of Holies. Only the priests could enter there in behalf of the children of Israel. And then the priests would approach them with God's answers. That was the day man put God in a religious box, saints. We have heard many sermon's exhorting us to let God out of the box but even today we ten to keep Him in a religious box depending on the preacher to talk to God and tell us what He says, when we could have a personal relationship with Him. Food for thought my friends.


OUR LIVES ARE FILLED WITH INTERRUPTIONS. Some respond to the interruptions, others don't spare the time and walk on by them. Interruptions are often divine appointments from God. 90 per cent of the miracles of Jesus were interruptions. Most happened as He was on His way to do His business. He was on his way to a meeting when He was interrupted by the centurian. On the way to help the centurian He was interrupted by the woman with the issue of blood. On His way He was interrupted by a tax collector in a tree. He was interrupted by a funeral and stopped to raise a dead man. He was teaching the religious crowd and interrupted by a man let down through the roof. There is a story in the Bible..... Two donkey's left the ranch. The father sent his son and a servant to find them. The son was Saul. They searched three places and did not find the donkey's. Saul says it is time to head back to the ranch. The servant says no we are close to the seer's house. He can tell us what we want to know. Saul says we cannot approach a prophet of God without a gift. I have nothing to give. The servant says you may not have a gift but your father gave me enough to give a gift. They go to Samuel's house. The prophrt says stay till tomorrow and I will tell you what is on your heart. They stay. The donkey's have already been found so they are no longer an issue and Samuel tells Saul he is to be king of Israel. Your plans will take you to good my friends but your interruptions will take you to great. God bless, Linda


Your Exodus from the usual and the norm begins now.

What happens first when God begins an Exodus?
God executes justice on the adversary and sets things right.
God bless enjoy your Exodus Saints.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


WE MEMORIZE MANY FAMILIAR SCRIPTURES in the Bible....Psalms 23...the Lord's prayer ...John 3:16.... But I ran across one the other day that we all should memorize and speak often. Paul spoke to the Ephesians exhorting them to win the battle against the enemy. He told them how to put on the whole Armour of God. To resist the devil and he will flee and then on the 19 verse of Eph. 6 he says pray for me.... And goes on to tell them how and what to pray for. Pray also for me that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly as I should. Isn't that good. Indeed that must have been the desire of his heart from birth because he was those things even when he was persecuting God . But to speak fearlessly the mystery of the gospel should also be our hearts desire saints. God bless, Linda

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The disciples has just watched Jesus feed the 5000 and the disciples had had hands on experience in a great miracle. They saw the awesome power of God. Jesus was rung out and weary. He told the disciples to get in the boat and go to the other side. He went up the mountain to pray and be alone with the father. To remove himself from the ministry of the crowds. Jesus had been training the disciples for the ministry for months, they still did not get it. They are in the boat. A storm comes up. Faith flees in the presence of fear. The enemy convinces them the boat is going to sink. They believe the lie. Jesus has been teaching them to do what he does and to say what he says. That all he says and all he does comes from the father to him and is released from him to his followers. He sends them off alone armed with faith. Trouble comes(the storm) they lose faith and embrace fear. They move from the land of more than enough (miracles) to the land of lack (we are not enough). Refreshed, Jesus comes strolling by, walking on the water. The scriptures says he would have walked by but they called out to him. We can learn an important lesson from their experience. When Jesus was not present they felt fear and they felt powerless. When he showed up faith returned and they felt powerful. With him there... everything would be all right. Peace comes to still the storm. The same thing happens to us. When we drift away from his presence we become weak and powerless, but when we pray and praise forth his presence miracles can happened, answered prayer is a surety. The thing they failed to realize is the boat was never meant to sink. It's destiny was to reach the other side. In our faith our destiny is not to sink but to reach the other side. Heaven is our destiny. Another lesson is that as soon as their faith got them through the mess they were in and they got to the other side... the person they met was a house for a legion of demons. What a reward. God has such a sense of humor. A great lesson we can learn from the demoniac is that he was indestructible. When you are in the hand of God you are so valuable that nothing can stop who you are meant to be. Think of all the man went through. He tried to kill himself to rid himself of the torment but he could not. Others bound him with chains and they could not hold him. When Jesus healed him and returned him to his right mind he sent him home to tell others what God had done for him. Get that... His reward was to go home. Our reward at the end of our destiny is to go home...a place of rest and comfort and peace to think on HIM and all He has done for us. Remember be-loved no matter the matter the world's report the boat was never meant to sink. God bless Linda.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Jesus commanded us, take up your cross and follow me. Jesus' cross was the cross. Man commanded him....if you be the Christ come down from your cross. Our cross is our destiny our future . The only way we can stop following our destiny is if we willingly come down from our cross. I heard a preacher say God had given him a vision of a junk yard full of empty crosses. He asked what was the meaning of the vision and the answer he received was....these are the abandoned crosses the workers of the kingdom has come down from. They have disconnected themselves from their destiny. God is waiting for them to be restored and come take up their cross yet again and follow him. Something to think about.


A couple months before my mom passed last year, her and dad came to my house to visit. It was the last time she ever came to my house before she left us. My son and his 2 sons came over to visit with them as well. I had a bowl of trail mix on my table. It had dried fruits as well as nuts and seeds in it. The youngest grandson had just turned 7. He came often to the table and picked out the dried pineapple from the trail mix and ate it. The pineapple pieces were his favorite. Now my mom is old school and after about the third trip to the bowl she said I think you ought to eat some of the other things and not just the pineapple. My grandson looked at her in amazement and said quietly...I can have anything I want in grandma's house. My mom face was priceless and I burst out laughing. I said mom, he's right, he can have anything he wants in my house. I don't mind if he eats all the pineapple. I thought later of the scripture that says we have to come to him with the faith as a little child. It warmed my heart that my grand kids know without a doubt they can have whatever they want in grandma's house. We should take a lesson of the faith of a child and believe we can have anything we want in our Father's house. Salvation, healing, deliverance, miracles. God bless.